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SPAIN (Mine Ichikawa)

We will work together: MISS BIBI

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  1. Mine: this are the topic we will be working on


    (A) The creation and support of a protective environment: the suppression of child labor in communities, schools and institutions and harmful practices such as child marriage. [Descargar Handbook PDF]

    (B) Strategies to prevent discrimination against girls and prevent such discrimination to become a threat to their life and well being. [Descargar Handbook PDF]

    Miss Bibi

    Delegate: Mine Ichikawa Onodera
    School: Jules Verne School

    President: Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
    Type of government: Parliamentary Monarchy
    Head of state: King Juan Carlos I
    Chief Minister: Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
    Member of: ONU, UE, OTAN, OSCE, UOA and OCDE
    Problems: Political crisis, terrorism, cultural and moral decay, replacement of family education, expansion of drug addiction, school failure rate and failed marriage.
    Natural resources: coal, oil, natural gas, iron, copper, uranium, potassium, mercury and zinc
    Spain currency: Euro
    Inflation rate: -0.6%
    Unemployment: 20%
    Commercial allies exporting: France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, UK, USA, Holland, Belgium, Mexico, Morocco, Brazil, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Austria, Turkey, Poland, Israel, Denmark.
    Commercial allies importing: France, Germany, Italy, UK, USA, Holland, Belgium, China, Portugal, Japan, Algeria, Switzerland, Ireland, Russia, Nigeria, Libya, Sweden, Austria and Mexico
    Exports and imports: machinery, transport equipment, food, live animals, motor vehicles, iron, steel, textiles, garments and minerals.

    Topic A: The creation and support of a protective environment: the suppression of child labor in communities, schools and institutions and harmful practices such as child marriage.

    Good morning Chair, members of the international community. On behalf of our president Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, we send our greetings to all. We hope to have all the cooperation of the nations present to fulfill our proposals to this regional conflict. As we all know the child labor damages children’s health, putting in danger their education. But we all recognize that UNICEF does not object to children’s work, only if that work does not put in danger their health and promotes absenteeism from school and for them to have time to play.

    In Spain, we are deeply concerned that the child labor is a big problem and our country is confronting it. With the finality of finishing this problem, we have supported and gave money to the OIT; on “Save the Children” we are doing some strategies in El Salvador and Nicaragua for preventing the children and teen agers exploitation; we make sure that all the children receive enough protection for their well being; in the last 20 years Spain has changed children protection systems, but also we have to confront challenges like giving resources to children, solving the administration inconsistency and confronting the social exclusion problem.

    Because of these reasons and recognizing the damage caused to children because of this problem, Spain suggests:
    - Having campaigns against child labor and child marriage.
    - Give classes to parents not to promote such things.
    - Better education for children for them not to work and when they grow up they will be better citizens.

  3. Mine:

    I don't think there is any need to mention other countries, like Nicaragua and El Salvador, it's better ir you focus only in Spain.

    Very good position paper.

    I would like to see topic B as soon as posible

    Miss Bibi :)

  4. Mine,

    I just read your position paper for the first topic and I have some comments.

    You are mentioning that in the last 20 years Spain has changed children protection systems. Pls. investigate how this protection systems have changed.

    Solutions: How would you promote these campaigns, which resources could your country use?

    Also, you mention give classes to parents not to promote such things, pls. be more specific on which things you are talking about.

    You didnt mention anything in relation o child marriage.

    It is a good position, but I think you are able to improve it.

    Continue with your work with Miss Bibi and I am really proud to have you as one of the members for this model. Your work is always recognized and very important.

    Miss Martha

  5. Thanks for your comments Miss Martha, Mine is doing a good work and you are encourage her to do it better.

    This topics are important because they are taking about real problems concerning real children around the world.

    Mine, you can make a change, what would you do if you were one of this kids.

    Post your comments!


  6. Mine, I received your e-mail and I made some comments, this was around 7 pm today, and it's 9:50 and I haven't received anything. Please send me the topic B urgently!!!!

    Miss Bibi